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Who We Are


Joarc Architects is a Helsinki based architectural design studio founded in 2006. We are specialized in the design of high-end private houses, summer villas and interiors both in Finland and abroad. Thanks to our small size, each project is adequately attended to, enabling the creation of personal and innovative solutions that are specific and tailored to each client's needs.



We specialize in highly refined, unique and sensitive residential design. For us every project is an opportunity to explore what design can do for people. The goal is always to deliver beautiful, elegant and timeless spaces where people feel elevated, yet comfortable.

What We Do


Our strong professional skills and expertise cover a broad spectrum of architectural design. Each one of our projects has its own identity, which is formed and nourished through our multifaceted knowledge and our committed, responsible and dedicated planning.


The starting point of our planning is always the balance with the surrounding nature. The buildings respect their surroundings and share a dialog with it. The building materials are chosen with utmost care, focusing on even the smallest details, and the end result is always a delicate, complete entity. 


How We Work


We are immersed in every stage of the design process by providing full architectural services including concept design, design development, authority approvals, construction documentation, furniture procurement and styling. Our team collaborates closely with builders, suppliers, and craftspeople to ensure the outcome of every project is truly exceptional and of the highest quality.



We provide full interior services from concept design through documentation up to styling. We work collaboratively with our clients, seeking to understand the core essence of the project, helping them uncover aesthetic visions, supporting them to make informed decisions, and ultimately creating tailor-made beautiful spaces.

Our Philosophy


Our Creative Style is to see every project as an opportunity to explore what design can do for people, understanding the impact physical environments have on our wellbeing and deeply believing that well-designed space connects us with a sense of place and contributes to a better quality of life.


Our high-quality, realistic visualization services show the look of a future project before it is complete. 3D renders allow our clients to imagine how the buildings will look like in an array of landscape settings and seasons or interiors during the day and at night and with different furniture configurations.

JOARC_THUMBNAILS_3D_01 Grand Residence 21.jpg

A Beautiful Space Makes You Feel Better


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